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Privacy Policy



Yamazaki Mazak Group (hereinafter referred to as “Mazak”) recognize the importance of private information provided through this Website by our customers and perform our social responsibilities to protect such information appropriately, fixing the privacy policy as followings.

Private information

Private information under this policy means any information peculiar to any individual, including but not limited to personal name, address, telephone number and E-mail address, provided by our customers through the Website which Mazak operates and controls.

Use of private information

Private information provided by our customer may be used for the following purposes and will not be used for any purpose other than those listed below without written consent of our customer.

  1. Response to inquiries regarding our products and requests of catalogs
  2. Response to inquiries regarding sales and service of our products
  3. Improvement of marketing, development, promotion and service of our products, and
  4. Response to inquiries regarding purchase of our products

In case Mazak consigns the handling of private information to our group company or outside subcontractor for above purposes, Mazak will manage and supervise them appropriately.

Provision of private information to third parties

Mazak will not disclose to any third party the private information provided or registered by our customer except in any one of the following cases;

  1. In case the customer has given prior consent to the disclosure,
  2. In case Mazak needs to disclose private information to subcontracting company, or business partner company which has come to an arrangement for privacy policy with Mazak to utilize it for the purposes expressed to customer,
  3. In case the private information is processed as statistic data which cannot identify customer,
  4. In case Mazak receives a request from administrative authorities as legal obligation, or
  5. In case Mazak has to disclose in accordance with laws and regulations

Safety management of private information

By employing SSL (secure socket layer : a standard security function of the industry through communicating encrypted information on internet) this Website protects against unauthorized access or leak of information in receiving customer’s important private information.

Inquiry, correction, deletion for private information

In case Mazak directly receives the requests from our customer about reference, correction, deletion for customer’s private information, Mazak corresponds thereto within reasonable scope and to the extent necessary after confirming that such request is made by the principal himself / herself.

Also in case Mazak judges that a certain customer’s private information is no longer needed to keep due to accomplishing purpose of use, Mazak may delete such customer’s private information.

Protection of private information at linked Website

Mazak will not have responsibilities for the security of customer’s private information at any third business party’s Website that is linked from Mazak Website.

* Any question regarding inquiry, correction or deletion of customer’s private information provided through this Website can be made to and coped with by the window of service department of the screen on which customer registered his/her private information.

* “Yamazaki Mazak Group” means Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, Yamazaki Mazak Minokamo Corporation, Yamazaki Mazak Seiko Coporation, Yamazaki Mazak Optonics Corporation, Yamazaki Mazak Trading Corporation, and Yamazaki Mazak System Sales Corporation.