Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology is a layer-by-layer processing technique that uses lasers or wire arcs to stack metal and create various 3D shapes. It enables the manufacturing of materials close to the final shape (near net shape), cladding with dissimilar metals, and repair of worn or chipped parts.

Hybrid multi-tasking machines equipped with Additive Manufacturing technology

By integrating additive manufacturing technology into multi-tasking machines and simultaneous 5-axis machining centers, it becomes possible to perform metal layering and finish machining all in one machine, greatly expanding the scope of metal processing. Depending on the application, you can choose from two types of hybrid multi-tasking machines using laser metal deposition and wire-arc AM.

Additive Manufacturing
(as sealing purpose)
(fine modeling)
Near Net
(partial modeling)
Laser Metal Deposition

[Heat generation] Laser
[Material] Metal powder
Medium to rough surface

Wire-arc AM

[Heat generation] Arc
[Material] Metal wire
Rough surface

* Depends on application.

Laser Metal Deposition

High-speed additive manufacturing and powerful joint of dissimilar metals

  • High-speed additive manufacturing by high power laser

  • Powerful joint of dissimilar metals

  • High strength

1: Deposited zone 2: Dilution zone 3: Laser 4: Metal powder 5: Melt pool

All processes, from machining to 3D additive manufacturing, are incorporated in just one machine to reduce production lead time

Process of additive manufacturing and machining

Sample workpiece

Near net shape of shaft

  • Base material: SUS316
  • Added material: Inconel 718 

Wire-arc AM

Wire Arc for high speed additive manufacturing

  • Automatic welding by program
  • The materials used in the process, such as aluminum and iron, are easy to obtain and handle.

  • Highly reliable arc welding

  • High speed additive manufacturing

1: Metal Wire 2: Deposited zone 3: Dilution zone 4: Shielding gas 5: Arc 6: Melt pool

Additive manufacturing and simultaneous 5-axis machining

AM head

1: Wire-arc AM processing torch 2: Milling spindle

Sample workpiece

Near net shape of tire mold

  • Base material: A5052
  • Added material: A5356 

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