Monitoring & Analysis


Machines Status Display

Operator can monitor the operation and the status of various machines regardless of location, including from office computers, large display monitors installed in factory, smartphones and tablets. The system is compatible with MTConnect®, a communication protocol for machine tool, and can connect to and monitor Mazak machines and machines other than those manufactured by Mazak.

  • 1: |Machine operation status is displayed according to your plant layout. You can freely select the items to display, therefore you can grasp the information you want to know at a glance.
  • 2: |Displays the operating status for the last 24 hours. You can compare the performance of multiple machines and check the operating hours of each machine.
  • 3: |Displays the accumulated time of automatic operation. By comparing with the target time, you can see whether production is progressing smoothly.

Data gathering and analyzing

By displaying various information from the machine in easy-to-understand graphs, it can be helpful for improving the production process and increasing productivity.
Some functions can only be used with Mazak products. For more information, please contact your nearest Mazak office.


MAZAK SMARTBOX is a platform for easy and highly secure entrance into the IoT. It is a scalable, end-to-end solution that connects manufacturing equipment, including machines, software and other devices, to a factory’s network and allows the free flow of information to management systems via MTConnect®.
By collecting and analyzing big data, it promotes the efficiency of plant management and the productivity.

   - Connects with manufacturing equipment regardless of manufacturer or model, new or old.
   - Reliable and secure network connection.


The attached sensors detect the status of the equipment and transfer the collected data to the SMARTBOX. The collected data is converted to MTConnect format and then transferred, so it can be used to collect data from equipment that does not support MTConnect®.

There are three types of MAZAK SENSOR BOX: "SC", "S" and "E".

  • "SC" type: |Collects information from a machine status light and coolant temperature, level
  • "S" type: |Collects information from a machine status light
  • "E" type: | Collect electrical power consumption data