Smart Factory

The Mazak iSMART FactoryTM has evolved by implementing next generation manufacturing at its own factory to meet the growing need for automation and labor saving, collaboration between humans and robots, and the use of unskilled workers.

Utilizing IoT technology, all production activities in a plant are converted into digital data. Addressing the needs of customers who aim to optimize production and improve productivity, Mazak's state-of-the-art machines and software support the transformation of plants and offices into Smart Factories.

MAZAK iSmart factory logo
Illustration of MAZAK iSmart factory

Mazak iSMART Factory TM is an initiative to make all production plants, both domestic and international, smart. Since the 1980s, Mazak has continued to introduce and upgrade production facilities that utilize automation, networks, and IT.

Under the theme of "Practicing advanced digital manufacturing and constantly evolving factories," we are responding to the trends of the digital revolution in the manufacturing industry, such as IoT and Industry 4.0. We aim to become the world's best smart factory while introducing cutting-edge technologies and new concepts.

We will create new value by demonstrating the effectiveness of our products and other production facilities and realizing highly efficient next-generation manufacturing, and provide them to our customers as products and services.