CNC for Laser processing machine

MAZATROL CNC ever evolving with Mazak laser machines

When it comes to laser processing machine, not only the performance of the machine itself is important, but also the control technology, operability, and network are important. Over the past 30 years, the Mazak CNC systems have evolved with advanced technology, leading to the development of dedicated systems for 2D and 3D laser processing machines. With the system, the Mazak laser machines can be operated at their full potential at all times.

CNC control for 2D laser processing machine


Large 21.5” LCD screen and touch panel

Operator can easily zoom in and out on the display screen with fingertips. The wide screen also allows the operator to check nesting at a glance.

Flat design for easier operation

Apart from the Emergency Stop and Rotary Switch buttons, operational buttons feature a flat design. The use of pictograms makes operation more intuitive.

Dual Monitor (option)

Operator can work while referring to the cutting area and manual.

One-touch operation

All necessary information, such as the cutting condition database, can be called up with a single touch. It is now easier to operate.

Assist functions

By simply entering the items suggested by assist functions, operator can easily set up functions such as nozzle center check and automatic nozzle changing.


Advanced hardware

State of the art CPU. With unsurpassed operation speed, the machine operates wit high response and high speed.

Optimal acceleration / deceleration reduces cutting time

Tolerance control prevents the corner shape from collapsing even when acceleration is maximized.

Laser operation responsiveness is greatly improved

The laser control has been enhanced to instantly control and allocate the optimal laser power. It performs to its full capacity for Sharp Edge Cutting and Flash Cut.

19” LCD screen & touch panel

The large screen with a touch panel displays information in an easy-to-read format. There is no need to move eyes from the screen when entering data, enabling high work efficiency.

Operation switches

Large switches and highly visible LED prevent operational errors. Unused buttons can be turned off, so that the user can see at a glance whether a function is enabled or disabled. In addition, the buttons have been categorized and arranged according to function to improve operability.

Check the 5 screens divided into each process and start processing


Touch panel type CNC system for ease of operation

15” touch panel color LCD screen as standard. The simple and easy-to-understand screen layout improves operability. Frequently used displays, such as the command screen, position screen, and programming screen can be easily moved. Optimal acceleration / deceleration control enables both stable high-speed and high-accuracy cutting and reduction of cutting time.

CNC control for 3D laser processing machine


New generation CNC system specialized for pipe processing

3D laser processing of pipes and structural materials can be easily achieved with high-accuracy. Through years of development, the system has incorporated accumulated expertise to greatly enhance operability and productivity.

  • New graphical user interface specialized for tube processing ensures easier operation
  • With the flow from preparation to processing displayed on one screen, easy to operate just following the flow
  • Condition setting of scheduled operation can be changed and reprocessing can be done on the CNC system easily