Parts Supply Systems

Fast and reliable Mazak’s parts support system which ships parts within 24 hours

Parts are shipped 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from the World Parts Center located at the Minokamo Plant 2 to parts centers around the world. Within the World Parts Center, we have a dedicated spindle repair department that is separate from the production line, improving quality and minimizing machine downtime. We are able to supply parts for all over 1,500 models of machines, from old to new, and we are committed to further increasing the shipment rate within 24 hours of customer orders, and supporting machines that will continue to operate as long as we can provide support.

World Parts Center

24/7 support with over 96% shipping rate within 24 hours

We respond to orders and ship spare parts to customers around the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customers can use their machines in the best possible condition. The average on-time delivery rate worldwide is over 96%.

Ordered parts are shipped wihin the same day
alt 100,000 spare parts in stock
6 months warranty

We stock approximately 1.3 million spare parts worldwide. Utilizing our network of parts centers in various countries, we select and propose the best parts to our customers based on advance preparation of maintenance parts and data on past replacement history.

Spindle Repair Program

Our dedicated spindle repair department improves quality and shortens repair times.

Within the World Parts Center, we have set up a dedicated spindle repair department, World Spindle Support, which is independent from the production line. We improve quality and shorten repair times by carrying out spindle repairs ourselves for customers across the world.

Repaired spindles undergo the same assembly, adjustment, balancing machine, and test run processes as new ones, and their performance and quality are maintained. The spindle parts come with a one-year warranty.

Rapid response to minimize machine downtime

We always have the parts necessary for repairs in stock to restore machines.
We are always ready to make repairs, and in emergencies we are flexible to respond to machine downtime by changing the order of priority.