Tool Management

Contributes to improved productivity through integrated tool management

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Smooth Tool Management

Smooth Tool Management is software that manages information on the large number of tools in use. It reduces the time spent searching for and registering tools in the plant and supports quick and reliable tool setup.
By installing a tool presetter and connecting it to a network of machine tools, tool setting on the machine is no longer necessary, thus increasing productivity.

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Centralized management of all tool information in the plant

Since information on stored tools is managed centrally, the location of tools in the plant and tool data can be checked in real time.

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Tool registration

In addition to measurement inside the machine tool, tool information can be measured by a tool presetter installed in the tool room, and data such as tool length and diameter can be imported into the database. The tool ID system enables automatic setup by scanning tool information with the CNC machine. Manual setting by the operator is no longer necessary, preventing tool information input errors.

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