Programming and Setup Support


A flat-rate digital service that enables you to create conversational programs for MAZATROL at your office computer. By utilizing 3D data, it is possible to get quick quotation and automatically generate programs without relying on intuition or skill. By checking the operation of machine tool in advance, it is possible to prevent failure in the first product machining and significantly improve machine operating rates.

A flat-rate digital service that will transform your manufacturing process

MAZATROL DX is a digital manufacturing solution that solves manufacturing challenges through state-of-the-art digital analysis. With this flat-rate service, it is possible to implement an automation system at approximately one-third the cost of conventional implementation*1. Plus, there are no additional costs for software updates*2.
*: Please contact us for details on applicable models.

Conventional CAM functions

  • SOLID MAZATROL (Automatic / Conversational Programming)
  • VIRTUAL MACHINING (Factory Simulation)
  • CUTTING ADVISER (Cutting analysis) etc.

New Features of MAZATROL DX

  • QUICK QUOTE (Automatic Quotation)
  • SETUP GUIDE (Automatic generation of setup instructions)
  • New features added through software updates
  • *1: |Smooth CAM Ai
  • *2: |Contract must be renewed every three years


Machining cost, machining time and required tools are automatically calculated in about 30 seconds.
The tools required for machining are searched from registered tool data. If a tool is missing, it will automatically search for the tool in the tool room or on a machine that is network-connected to the MAZATROL DX.
In addition, the quotation information can be output in text format. The output information can be used to create customer quotations.

Automatic / conversational programming

MAZATROL programs are automatically generated from 3D models created with commercially available CAD software. An optimal machining program is generated by learning the appropriate machining pattern for the machining shape from programs created in the past.


MAZATROL DX will check for interference through high-speed, high-precision simulations under the same operating environment as the actual machine. It is also easy to set the tool, chuck jaw shape, and home coordinates.

  • The tool model and tool length required for the simulation can be set automatically, eliminating the need for complicated work. Only slight adjustments on the actual machine are necessary to reflect the results in the machining process.
  • Setting the home position for the workpiece, which was previously difficult in the office, can now be done with a single push of a button, based on the material length and jaw height.
Tool model and tool length are automatically set
Material position is automatically set


Machining simulation and visualization of the machining process based on the accumulated machining results helps optimize cutting conditions.
By using the CUTTING ADVISER to change the cutting conditions (peripheral speed, feed, cutting depth, etc.), you can instantly understand the cutting load and processing time. This makes it possible to create programs without unnecessary data. Any changes you make will be automatically reflected in the program.

SETUP GUIDE (Tools・Fixtures・Materials Mounting / Automatic Measurement)

By sending tool information and fixture installation information set in MAZATROL DX to your Mazak machine tool, work instructions for manual operations on the machines are automatically generated. By following these instructions to install the tool, you can reduce the manual operations required for tool measurement, making operation safer and reducing work time. Furthermore, since it is possible to reproduce situations simulated in advance, the risk of interference during autonomous driving can be reduced.