Programming and Setup support for Laser processing machines


CAD / CAM system that drastically reduces preparation time in the sheet metal processing

MAZAK SMART SYSTEM easily allocates parts based on drawings and instantly creates development drawing and work instructions, which can be directly imported into CNC system. Nesting data with the highest yield can be created instantly. In traditional CAM systems, the design process in CAD, manual nesting, creation of NC data using CAM, and nesting took a significant amount of time. However, our MAZAK SMART SYSTEM consolidates all of these processes into a single system. This allows for a reduction in lead time of over 1/4 compared to conventional methods. Additionally, it is possible to manage a vast number of programs collectively, and network setup is also made easier.



CAD / CAM system for pipe cutting

Instantly create an easy operational program for 3D cutting of tube or pipe.
Utilizing automatic nesting results in increased yield and reduces material waste.
The production status can be checked at a single glance with the scheduling function.
Automatic batch mode significantly reduces work time.

tube DX High-speed, high-accuracy simulation