Production Planning

Create optimal production plans based on production line utilization rates and connections between processes.

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Smooth Scheduler

This software supports equipment operation by scheduling and managing the manufacturing progress of machines installed in the plant.

・Create a machining schedule
・Efficient facility operation and improved utilization
・Reduction of work in progress
・Visualization of production progress

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Smooth Scheduler flow 1: complete report 2: machining instructions

A processing schedule created by the scheduler software in the office can be confirmed as operation instruction in the onsite POP software.
Once machining is completed, the results are entered into the POP software, and the results are tallied and progress can be monitored.

Schedule Gantt Chart

Automatically creates optimal machining schedules based on production information such as quality, process, delivery date, number of workpieces, etc. Visualize production progress by displaying the schedule in a gantt chart. In addition, it allows for efficient equipment operation since machine availability can be monitored.