Automation Systems for Turning Centers

A full lineup of automated systems to suit production volume and product type

Mazak offers a variety of transport devices to suit the machines and production methods that you have installed. For customers who require a more complex automation system, we will individually propose the optimal system per section.

For Turning Centers

1: Low-volume production 2: High-volume production 3: Low-mix 4: High-mix


Machining center Turning center Workpiece transport type

Compact automation system with collaborative robots

  • Includes a robot arm, a vision sensor, and dedicated software
  • Compatible with Mazak’s small and medium-sized multi-tasking machine, CNC turning centers, and vertical machining centers
  •  Utilizing collaborative robots to create a safe and compact system

Maximum workpiece weight : 5 kg

Maximum workpiece weight : 10 kg

Maximum workpiece weight: 21 kg*
* Single-handed

Case study

Ez LOADER 20 + measuring unit

This system combines Ez LOADER with a measuring unit. By automatically reflecting the measurement results in tool offset, measuring errors during unmanned operation can be prevented. This system also includes boxing of finished products using the Ez LOADER.


Dedicated application for collaborative robot cell operated by MAZATROL

* Only compatible with Ez LOADER 30


Turning center Workpiece transport type

Integrated unit, no need for robot teaching work

Balancing safety and excellent workability

If a person is detected in the system area during TA system operation, the robot operation will be stopped or slowed down. There is no need to install the safety guard on the front and right side face of the system, improving workability such as setup and maintenance.

Automate the process from the delivery of materials to carrying out the finished products

Consists of an industrial robot, stocker, and Smooth TURN ASSIST (system software)


The stocker can be stacked in multiple layers of materials and finished products, enabling automatic operation for a long time.

Selectable options


WorkpieceMax. workpiece diameterΦ200 mmΦ270 mmΦ270 mm
Max. workpiece weight7.0 kg (3.5 kg X 2)14.0 kg (7.0 kg X 2)26.0 kg (13.0 kg X 2)
Size of the TA unitWidth × depth × height1489 mm × 1460mm  × 2456 mm1920 mm × 1460 mm × 2456 mm1920 mm × 1460 mm × 2456 mm

Compatible with material delivery and finished product delivery of shaft workpieces

Consists of 4 robot jaw gripper for shaft workpiece, workstand for stocker, and Smooth TURN ASSIST (system software)

Shaft workpiece specification

Material diameterΦ10 mm - Φ80 mm
Material length200 mm - 800 mm
Maximum weight14 kg (not unbalanced)25 kg (not unbalanced)
  • *|The maximum material length depends on the center distance specifications of the machine, the door opening frontage, the chuck and jaws used.
    The diameter difference between the material and the finished product is up to 18 mm (under the best conditions).
    Please contact Mazak for more details.


Easy operation by just entering the material and the shape of the finished product.

Even if you do not have expertise in robot operation, you can intuitively and easily set up with the system software (Smooth TURN ASSIST) built into the CNC. From the material, outside diameter of the finished product, length and amount input to Smooth TURN ASSIST, installation instructions for the positioning guide bar of the stocker unit and instructions for installing jaws for the robot arm are displayed on the screen. In addition, the height position of the material is set automatically.

Gantry Loader

Turning center Workpiece transport type

Simple system design enables high-speed, high-precision workpiece replacement

Includes a working hand and work conveyor. Teaching-less design for easy set up and high productivity.

MULTIPLEX W-200Y + Gantry Loader
INTEGREX i-200H ST + Gantry Loader

Two-unit connection


Multiple machines can be connected with a single gantry loader. Depending on the target workpiece, it is also possible to incorporate and arrange material conveyors, finished product conveyors, reversing tables, measuring units, etc. between each process. This system is often used in mass production.


For Turning Centers

Robotic cell system that enables long-term operation of variable-mix, variable-volume production

  • Providing the optimal system based on production type
  • It can be retrofitted after the introduction of a single unit, and the system can be expanded.
  • Smooth RCC is standard equipment to reduce workhours while achieving high productivity.

Selectable by shape, weight, and type of workpiece. Stockers can also be customized according to the production type.

Robotic Hand Stocker
Chuck Jaw Stocker
Special Tool Stocker
Work Stocker

Smooth RCC

Software for autonomous operation and management of robot cells

Smooth RCC (Robot Cell Controller) is software for automatic operation and management of robot cells. It enables high-mix, low-volume production using robot cells. You can create operation data of the robot cell, check the schedule progress and operation status. In addition, the shortage of tools and tools that have reached the end of their life are displayed before operation, so that machine stoppages can be prevented during unmanned operation.

Resource Check

Prevent shortages of programs and tools and eliminate automatic operation stoppages

Smooth RCC prompts preparation by displaying programs and tools that are missing due to resource checks against the machining schedule entered before machining. During automated operation, real-time tool simulation is performed to display missing and life-saving tools, and to inform you of tools that need to be prepared.

Robot Setup Assist

Easy robot setup

By inputting the length and diameter of the material and the information of the robot hand on MAZATROL SmoothAi, it is an interactive function that can be easily set to automatically generate an operation program without the teaching work of the machine. Robot Setup Assist is an optional feature of MAZATROL SmoothAi.

Bar feeder

Turning center Workpiece transport type

Simple design exclusively for bar materials, able to handle various types and quantities

Bar feeder can be installed to supply bar materials. The bar feeder interface can be used across various domestic / overseas bar feeders. The optional bar feeder scheduling function supports high-mix, low-volume production and set production.