Semiconductors are essential in various fields such as smartphones, computers, communications, transportation, and healthcare, contributing to the development of our lives and society. With the implementation of new technologies like AI, autonomous driving, and metaverse, there is an increasing need for large-scale and advanced data processing, which is expected to lead to further performance improvement and production expansion. Semiconductor manufacturing equipment utilizes a wide variety of parts with different shapes and materials. These materials range from stainless steel, iron, and aluminum to challenging materials, such as quartz glass and carbon graphite, which are known as brittle materials that are difficult to process. Processing these materials requires high-quality and advanced processing technology. Mazak has extensive experience and achievements in the semiconductor industry, and offers highly reliable system solutions with solid technology and product capabilities.

Examples of semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts

To meet the increasing demand for miniaturization and integration of semiconductors, efforts towards the development of next-generation semiconductor manufacturing technology have been intensifying. Mazak contributes to high-value production by providing precision machining, which is required mainly for the machining of manufacturing equipment parts in the front-end process, machining technologies and chips disposal systems required for difficult-to-machine and brittle materials with excellent corrosion resistance, and automation know-how.

Crucible (quartz glass)
Turbomolecular pump
Heater (carbon/graphite)
Gate valve
Vacuum chamber
Wafer transport arm
Wafer positioning system
Packing plate (cooling plate)
Shower head

Mazak machine tool and automation systems for various parts manufacturing

We offer one-stop solutions for automation systems that cover everything from mass production to high-mix, low-volume production, linking with robots, and unique system software. The system enables long-term continuous operation with stable accuracy.


PALLETECH system integrated with the VARIAXIS i series model and HCN NEO series model
Automation system using 5-axis machining centers with turning function and horizontal machining centers

Brittle material machining

Mazak offers machine tools that are equipped with dustproof measures to prevent the entry of fine chips and sludge generated during the machining of brittle materials such as quartz glass and carbon graphite. We also offer dust collection systems for dry processing and filtration systems for wet processing. Our lineup also includes a wide range of options for mass production processing.


Vertical CNC turning centers
Highly efficient machining of cylindrical parts such as flange and plates

FJV Series (BT50)

High-precision double column machining centers
A diverse range of table specifications that are suitable for large workpieces, taking advantage of the double column structure

Shaping machining

By using 5-axis machining centers and multi-tasking machines to process the vacuum chamber, turning, milling and shaving can be integrated into a single machine.


Simultaneous 5-axis vertical machining center
A wide range of parts machining, including chambers, plates, and wafer transport device parts


Simultaneous 5-axis vertical multi-tasking machine
Process integration from turning and multi-face machining to 5-axis machining, enabling the additional capability of shaping machining, all within a single machine

HCN NEO Series

High speed and high precision horizontal machining centers
A wide range of parts processing, including chambers and valve, enabling the additional capability of shaping machining

Machining of complex shapes

Mazak's multi-tasking machine completes the machining of complex-shaped components, such as the impeller of a vacuum pump, in a single setup without the need for process division.
When machining the rotor shaft of a dry pump, processes such as turning and milling can be integrated, significantly reducing lead times.


Simultaneous 5-axis horizontal multi-tasking machine
From turning to 5-axis machining using the Y-axis and B-axis, this machine can handle multiple processes


Horizontal multi-tasking machine for long and large diameter workpieces
Machines with a large Y-axis stroke, high output turning spindle, and milling spindle for large-scale machining

High-precision machining / FSW (friction stir welding)

The CNC turning centers is capable of machining large diameter workpieces, making it ideal for high-precision machining of cooling plates and other such items. It also has comprehensive measures against vibration and chips, resulting in a high-quality machined surface.
FSW (friction stir welding) is a welding method that does not melt the material. It has less residual stress and deformation compared to electron beam welding, and can also join aluminum alloy and copper. FSW shortens lead times and reduces equipment installation costs.


High-precision 2-axis CNC turning centers
Machines with high-precision spindle and drive system capable of machining surfaces up to Φ490 mm

FJV-60/80 FSW

Double column machining centers with FSW (friction stir welding)
This one machine can handle everything from welding to cutting, greatly shortening lead times

Smooth Oscillation Cutting

Smooth Oscillation Cutting cuts chips into small pieces to protect the machine and workpiece surfaces and reduce problems caused by chips. It is the perfect choice for automated chip disposal. The Smooth Oscillation Cutting conditions are automatically determined by MAZATROL.


Simultaneous 5-axis horizontal multi-tasking machine
From turning to 5-axis machining using the Y-axis and B-axis, this one machine can handle multiple processes


Simultaneous 5-axis vertical multi-tasking machine
Process integration from turning to multi-face machining and 5- axis machining into one machine